Top 10 11 Likely Reasons for Provoking Muslims to Riot


That stupid movie. Don’t tell me that international security agencies did not see the dubbed Arabic version being posted online in the days leading up to the 9/11 anniversary. If I saw it, then I am certain they did, too. But they made a choice about how to proceed, and we are witnessing the outcome of that decision now across the “Muslim world”. And it is a significant outcome. Here’s a map:

Without further ado, here are my

Top 10 11 Likely Reasons for Provoking Muslims to Riot

  1. Takes everyone’s mind off the increasingly meaningless US presidential elections
  2. Kills tourism and independent outside investment in states the IMF /World Bank etc want to extort more money from
  3. Takes attention away from the clusterfark in Syria
  4. Erases the positive attitudes fostered by increased contact with Muslims (oh wow, they’re just like regular people!) since the uprisings in the Arab world began, terrible PR for reason 5..
  5. To maintain Islamophobic support for the West’s incurable addiction to the war on terror
  6. To spread chaos, fear, uncertainty, doubt, and generally keep the Arab countries too busy on internal security to worry about uniting
  7. As a massive smokescreen-cum-raison-d’etre to not withdraw troops from Afghanistan or..
  8. To provide an excuse to re-deploy some of Afghanistan’s troops in North Africa (beats creating jobs or paying them social security benefits)
  9. To make the entire region look hellish and unstable, thereby lending credence to a UN Security Council decision to “allow” a de-facto invasion of Mali
  10. Just because all Muslims have a giant red button that is too irresistible, they Must.Press.It.
  11. Courtesy of Russian journalist Maxim Shevchenko: to boost Obama’s popularity ahead of the US presidential elections

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