New #m25fev Civil Activism Campaign in #Mauritania


An awareness-building campaign mounted by February 25 Movement [ar] civil activists in Mauritania to encourage people to react against against spiralling prices has been launched across the country. This first new campaign after a distinct lull in activity has received an enthusiastic reception from Mauritanian youth on social networks, and lots of coverage in local media.

This image shows the change in fuel prices from the three significant price reductions totalling 84MRO implemented after the 2008 military coup against former president Abdallahi – one of the reasons used to justify it was his inability to control runaway price inflation – and then the increases right after the 2009 election that brought General Aziz to power.

With the presidency and international funding secured, prices have been increased 23 times, by a total of 226MRO. They will continue to do so, as long as the Mauritanian government keeps its promise to the IMF, to remove all fuel and food subsidies, restrict wages and install other economic measures in exchange for continued tranches of cash from the Extended Credit Facility.

The 6.4 million-dollar question: what happens to the IMF funds, and to the revenues from the countries two main sources of income: mining and fishing. Aziz made bold claims about being the “president of the poor” (a trashy tag beloved of dictators) and promising to stop corruption.  The reality is that people are worse off and, far from ending corruption, Aziz and his regime have transferred senior political, business and banking positions from former elites to their own sticky-fingered clique.

Here’s an English language version of the image


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