News from Iran – Week 46 – 2012


Prisoners’ News


Human Rights activist Abolfazl Abedini is transferred to Ahvaz prison after testifying on Sattar Beheshti torture. He launches a hunger strike to protest his transfer.

After 127 days in 209 solitary, political prisoner Arzhang Davoudi transferred to Bandar Abbas. He has been in prison for 12 years.

National-Religious activist Saeed Madani was transferred to ward 350 after 10 months in Intel ward 209.

Political prisoner Ali Moezzi denied visitation rights, moved to solitary for refusing to attend his trial

Afif Na`imi transferred to Pars Hospital, Tehran


B- Arrests/Incarcerations

Kamran Ghaysari, Baha’i from Karaj arrested.

Afshin Seyyed-Ahmad, Baha’i from Karaj arrested.

New arrest of Ahmad Shaher Ziaei.

Out on bail political prisoner Ahmad Shahrezaei summoned to court Monday then arrested and sent to Evin

Sattar Beheshti’s interrogators have been arrested.



Baha’i citizen Adib Shoaei arrested on Oct 9, released on 50 million toman bail.

Mostafa Tajzadeh on a 3 days furlough.


D-Other News

Hunger strike by female political prisoners pays off – Head of Evin’s female ward replaced.

Nasrin Sotoudeh’s children denied visitation with their mother on the 26th day of her hunger strike.

Three Afghan prisoners who gave the lists of Afghans officially executed in Iran to Ahmad Shaheed, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, were tortured in prison for leaking the names

News of injustice in Iran

Mohammad Taheri’s 4-year prison sentence upheld on appeal.

One man hanged in Esfahan prison on Sunday.

One man hanged in Ardebil prison on Monday.

A man publicly flogged 70 times in Joybar.

One public execution in Neyriz on Monday.

12 people hanged in Rejaei-Shahr prison on Tuesday.

3 men publicly hanged in Arak on Wednesday.

1 man hanged in Rajaei-Shahr prison on Wednesday.

2 robbers in Yazd province had their fingers amputated in public.

1 execution in Zanjan and one in Tehran on Friday.

University – Culture

Mona Ashrafi, , Baha’i student in computer at Khomeini International University in Ghazvin, banned from studies.

Samye Gholinezhad expelled from University because she is a Baha’i.

Nova Hamidi, Baha’i student in computer at Khomeini International University in Ghazvin, banned from studies.

Sepehr Hasim, , Baha’i student in computer at Khomeini International University in Ghazvin, banned from studies.

Shaho Hosseini, journalist, educator, cultural activist, fired from Department of Education.

Tanin Torabi, suspended from university for being a Baha’i.

Two additional concerts in Mashhad and Dezful cancelled due to limited enforcement of culture and art programs.


One week strike at petrochemical plant of Mahshahr.

A group of textile factory workers in Mazandaran demonstrated outside the Majlis protesting the withholding wages for 27 months.

Iran Economics

Auto production halved in Iran.

Minister of Oil, Rostam Qasemi, announced that from now on diesel will be rationed, and smart cards for use of diesel fuel will be distributed to heavy vehicle owners to monitor use of this product.

According to the secretary of the Workers House, workers at Semand ceramics factory have not received their salaries for four months

Politics in Iran

Iran launches new hijab crackdown: police issued warning to 60 hospitals over female employees’ dress.

Majlis members approve general outlines of bill to suspend Subsidy Reform Plan.

The Commission’s vote in Parliament to limit the issuing of passports to women.

Iran  abroad

Iran Shipping Line (IRISL) won the gold medal at Taiwan’s international exhibition for producing a security fence for trade vessels to prevent pirate attacks.

Ali Akbar Salehi met with Sudan’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

Iran Energy minister arrives in Beirut.


Train en-route from Zahedan to Tehran derails: 5 dead.



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