Video: Weapons recovered after In Amenas, Algeria attack thought to be supplied by Libya rebels in Zintan


TV footage of the weapons authorities said were seized after the terrorist attack on the In Amenas natural gas facility in eastern Algeria, which came to a bloody end after a series of operations by the Algerian military. Assault and sniper rifles, grenades, mortars, ammunition and explosives were among the recovered weapons brought to the remote In Amenas site by up to 40 armed militants. They appear to have entered Algeria from Libya in a convoy of vehicles which border guards reportedly mistook for a group of officials on state business.

The militants had collected advance intelligence on the sprawling natural-gas complex, including its layout and foreign workforce. The attack had been planned at least two months ago, if not longer, and was launched shortly after news broke that Algeria had given French military aircraft permission to overfly its airspace. This compilation video also includes a recording of a phone call from one of the terrorists belonging to the “Signed in Blood” battalion of AQIM. The call was made to a Mauritanian news agency, ANI, in which he threatened to destroy the In Amenas plant if attacked, and said that the fate of the hostages was in the hands of the Algerian military. The terrorists demanded the release from prison of high-profile Al Qaeda militants and an end to the military Operation Serval conducted by France in neighbouring Mali.


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