Mauritanian Girl Student Missing in Algeria (FOUND)

MISSING - Bouchra Mint Ould Mohammed Vall

MISSING – Bouchra Mint Ould Mohammed Vall

UPDATE: Bouchra was found late Saturday evening  after we collectively raised the alarm, safe and well in Algiers.

Bouchra Mint Ould Mohammed Vall, a 24 year old Mauritanian student, is missing after taking a cab to see former classmates who study at Hawari Boumedien University of Technology. Bouchra planned to spend a short vacation from university in Sétif, Algeria, where she is a 3rd year student of economics.
She spoke to her family before leaving to tell them of her plans, but they have not heard from Bouchra since Thursday, 28 March,  and are unable to reach her on her mobile phone. The driver of the licensed taxi cab she took from Sétif to Algiers has been found. He told police he saw Bouchra get into a private car in the city. She has not been seen or heard from since.
Police and embassy officials have been notified, and family as well as fellow students are asking for our help to spread news of Bouchra’s disappearance, and especially to alert activist groups, bloggers and the media to appeal for any other witnesses, or anyone who knows Bouchra’s whereabouts, to come forward immediately.

Bouchra is quite tall, about 1.64 meters, and of average build, with dark hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a distinctive, loosely draped red robe, known as a melhefa or peplos in Mauritania, which covers the wearer from head to ankle. This dress might be an important visual reminder to potential witnesses, who would have noticed a taller than average young woman wearing an unusual red robe, and travelling alone in the city.

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