News from Iran – Week 13 – 2013


Prisoners’ News

A- Transfers

  • Babak Abbasi, Jahanbakhsh Ahmadi, Goran Bahrami, Pedram Ghaderian, Mohammad Negari, Motasem Shafiei, Arash and Ghaneh Hatemi, all recently arrested in Paveh, transferred to Kermanshah prison.
  • Alireza Karami-Kheirabadi transferred to hospital in Tehran due to viral meningitis; he is in a coma.

B- Arrests/Incarcerations

  • Emad Bahavar returned to prison.
  • Christian convert Parvaneh Sarabadani expelled from Sweden 22 March, reported arrested at airport ion arrival in Tehran.
  • Nasrin Sotoudeh’s furlough extension was denied, she is back in prison.
  • More than 130 Afghan nationals arrested in Sistan-Balouchistan over the last two weeks.


  • Masoud Rezaei, Mohammad Roghangir and Soroosh Saraei, Christian converts, were released on furlough.
  • Sadegh Moradi-Sarvestani, Mehran Sadeghi and Behnam Yadollahi-Farsi arrested in front of Adel-Abad prison in Shiraz, were both freed.

D-Other News

  • Mostafa Abdi and Alireza Roshan began a hunger strike in solidarity with dervishes detained in solitary.
  • Saleh Moradi-Sarvestani begins a dry hunger strike.
  • Kasra Nouri begins a dry hunger strike.

News of injustice in Iran

  • Mohammad Tavakoli Secretary of Teachers Union, Kermanshah, sentenced to one year in exile.

University – Culture

  • License of a bookstore cancelled for selling Turkish books in Banab.

Iran abroad

  • Dubai’s trade with Iran plunged by a third in 2012, the Dubai customs authority said on Monday
  • Iran lifts ban on import of meat from Ireland imposed 17 years ago.
  • Vice President for Constitutional Affairs, Fatimah Bodaghi, has concluded a 2-day visit to Egypt.
  • Saudi Arabia confirms that its security forces captured an Iranian espionage network, which Iran denies.
  • Syria: rebels claim Iranian plane shot down.
  • Malaysia: Iranian sisters (24 and 26) sent to gallows for drug trafficking.

Iran Economics

  • Iran seizes two ships smuggling oil in the Persian Gulf
  • China oil tanker seen at Iran port for first time since EU ban.

Iran Politics

  • The Ministry of Intelligence issued a 23-point warning to Iranian citizens in an effort to “preserve and expand public security and the support of Islamic Iran’s citizens against dangers and designed security vulnerabilities.”
  • Sadr Javadi one of the founders of the Freedom Movement of Iran hospitalized.


  • Increase in trafficking Iranian girls to Persian Gulf countries.

As usual, list of political prisoners in Iran:

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