News from Iran – Week 18 – 2013


Prisoners’ News


  • Saeed Abedini, Abolfazl Abedini-Nasr, Kamran Ayazi, Amir-Khosro Dalirsani, Mohammad Ebrahimi, Pouria Ebrahimi, Siamak Ghaderi, Saeed Madani, Abdollah Momeni, Mehdi Yousefpour transferred to Evin 240 solitary for protesting against warden’s request of dismissal of political prisoners’’ representative Saeed Madani.
  • Sanaz Tafazoli and Noura Nabilzadeh, children’s rights activist, transferred from Vakil-Abad prison to Minister of Intelligence detention center.


  • Maryam Alengi, widow of Mohsen Dogmechi-political prisoner who died of cancer while in custody, was summoned to serve her 3-year sentence for interview with media.
  • Ashura detainee Behzad Arabgol transferred to Evin prison.
  • Former diplomat Bagher Asadi was arrested last month.
  • Somayeh Bakhtiari, Christian, has been arrested.
  • Mostafa Bani-Sharif arrested after summon by Intel in Shahre-Kord.
  • Adel Simari, Majid Bavi, Ahvazi civic activists, arrested in Ahvaz.
  • Shirzad Beigzadeh, former political prisoner, arrested on Urmiah street.
  • Haj Ali Chilan, 103 years old, is serving a 8 years sentence in Maku prison.
  • Gonabadi dervishes Mohammad-Ali Dehghan, Mohsen Esmaili, and Mohammad-Ali Sadeghi arrested in Kavar.
  • Shamim Etehadi arrested in Yazd.
  • Abdolghafour Ghalandari Nejad released from Bandar Abbas’s Central Prison.
  • Omid Habibi and Awat, Kawan and Rouhollah Heidari arrested in Sarv-Abad.
  • Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Reformists in Fars province, Abdolhamid Moafian has been arrested.
  • Ronak Samavat, Christian, has been arrested.
  • Civil rights student activist Vahid Sheikh-Beigloo arrested to serve his sentence.
  • Medical furlough extension was denied for student activist Hassan Tarlani, he is back in Kerman prison.



  • Hanif Atarzadeh released on furlough.
  • Pan-Iranist member Milad Dehghan was released on bail from Karoon prison in Ahvaz.
  • Christian convert, Ebrahim Firouzi, was temporarily released on 30 million Toman bail.
  • Golrokh Firouzian freed on 100 million toman bail from Semnan prison.
  • Dina Karimi released on furlough.
  • Mohammad-Hossein Nakhaei, 87 years old, freed on bail from Birjand prison.
  • Asef Rezaeian released on furlough.


D-Other News

  • Jailed journalist Khosro Kordpour is on hunger strike.
  • On furlough Human Rights activist Hossein Ronaghi-Maleki underwent surgery for the 6th time.
  • Mohammad Ali Taheri is on hunger strike in Evin Prison.


News of injustice in Iran

  • Political prisoner Ali Moezzi who refused to take part in his trials sentenced in absentia to 1 year in prison exile.
  • 4 hangings in Kerman prison.
  • A prisoner hanged in Bandar Abbas prison the day after he attempted to commit suicide.
  • One person hanged in Zahedan on Sunday.
  • 4 people were hanged in Arak prison on Thursday.
  • The Guardian Council approved the new Islamic punishment code; it will be implemented from June this year.
  • Stoning retained in penal code.
  • Three Majlis deputies found guilty in Iran’s biggest embezzlement case.


University – Culture

  • A Reformist newspaper banned in Kerman.
  • Kavir Publication denied participation in the International Tehran Book Fair for the 3rd year in row.
  • Reformist daily, Asr-e Zohur, closed until after the elections.
  • Security forces prevented a meeting to celebrate Rumi’s Masnavi at the The Hosseinieh Ershad Public Library.



  • Severe confrontation between the people of Hormozgan and Security Forces.
  • Shushtar municipality workers on strike re unpaid wages.
  • Shahran residents gathered in front of Tehran City Council protest felling of trees and neglect of municipal park.
  • More than 1000 workers of the Bushehr Sadra Company are on strike.


Iran abroad

  • Bosnia expels two Iranian diplomats.
  • Senior Egypt officials in Iran for Syria talks.
  • Iranian Embassy in Damascus hit in explosion.


Iran Economics

  • Rising price leads Iranians to drink less milk.
  • 16 months delay in the salaries of 43 workers in Mahabad ranch.
  • 600 Lifeguards in Mazandaran province have not received their wages since last year.
  • ZamZam Cola Company liquidated in East Tehran leaving over 500 without jobs.
  • More than 1000 workers of the Jabal Bor Company in Bandar Abbas have been fired.


Iran Politics

  • The parliament rejected the new labor law of the government.
  • Conservative MP Ali Motahari supports reformist presence in election.
  • IRGC will not support any presidential candidate.



  • Exorbitant cost of pollution damage: $8 billion per year.



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