News from Iran – Week 36 – 2013


Prisoners’ News


  • Political prisoner Reza Akvanian transferred from solitary to 3 person cell
  • Ahmad Tamooei and Jahangir (Houshang) Badozadeh transferred to criminal ward of Urmia prison.
  • Rozhin Paya, Kurdish political prisoner, transferred from Urmiah to Yasuj prison to serve the 3 remaining years of her 6 year sentence.
  • Maryam Shafipour transferred from solitary to general ward in Evin.


  • Naser Karimi arrested at his work place in Bokan.
  • Prominent Reformist Seyed Ahmad Mousavi summoned and taken to prison in Shiraz to start serving his 4 month sentence.
  • 30 people arrested at Salar Aghili’s concert in Tehran.
  • 22 Sufi arrested in Esfahan.


  • Sunni prisoners freed from Rejaei Shahr at the end of their sentences: Hasan Abdollahi (24 months), Masoud Abdollahi (22 months), Nemat Azadkhah, Yousef Feizi, Shirkoo Ghamarivand, Ayoub Ebrahimzadeh, Abdolwahab Maroofzadeh, Hadi Moloudi, Jafar Pouya, Seyyed Taha Rahimi (20 months), Mohammad Najari, Kaveh Rasoulpour (18 months).
  • Member of Alumni Association central committee, Hasan Asadi-Zeidabadi released on 48 hour furlough
  • Senior Mousavi advisor Ghorban-Ali Behzadiannejad released on furlough from Evin.
  • Political prisoner Asadollah Hadi has been released from Evin on a 7 day medical furlough.
  • Mashallah Haeri released on furlough.
  • Student activist Bahareh Hedayat and political prisoner Mahboubeh Karami released from Evin on a 3 day furlough.
  • Baha’i prisoner Amanollah Mostaghim on medical furlough.
  • After serving a 4 year sentence, political prisoner Mohsen Sadeghi Nour released.
  • Hassan Saremi released; his children transferred to the general ward.

Other News

  • Hossein Ronaghi-Maleki ends his hunger strike.

News of injustice in Iran

  • One prisoner hanged in Shiraz on Saturday.
  • One hanging in Khomeini Shahr prison.
  • One hanging in Karoon prison and one public hanging in Isfahan on Tuesday.
  • One public hanging in Ilam and one hanging in Sanandaj prison on Wednesday.
  • A man publicly lashed in front of his house in Sava.
  • 21 Sarand Camp earthquake volunteer workers were acquitted of the charge of conspiring against national security : Misagh Afshar, Navid Khanjani, Vahed Kholousi, Farid Rohani, Hossein Ronaghi-Maleki, Shayan Vahdati and 15 others.
  • Omar-Ghader Abdollahi’s Peugeot, Mohammad-Yavar Rahimi’s Jeep, and Peykan vehicles belonging to Omid Mahmoudi, Mohammad Gharibi, Teymour Naderzadeh, Foad-Ahmad Nouri, Keykhosro Sharafipour, Bahman and Mokhtar Rahimi confiscated.
  • Suspect in the case of Sattar Beheshti’s murder charged with quasi-premeditated murder.
  • Yadollah Dashti, an Azari civil activist sentenced to 6 months imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court in Mahabad.
  • Supreme Court has overturned the 15 years imprisonment and exile to Borazjan sentence of Abdolreza Ghanbari giving him 10 years.
  • The body of Ghasem Goudarzi, a Sunni Balouch arrested by Security Services the day after they shot and killed his brother, was returned to his family with signs of severely brutal torture.
  • Azarbaijan civil activist Ali Hedayati sentenced to 5 months imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court in Mahabad.

University – Culture

  • Persian poet Simin Behbahani gets Janus Pannonius award.
  • Blind Iranian music maestro Ali Jafarian passes away.
  • Iran Caretaker minister fires controversial head of university: Sadreddin Shariati.
  • Daneshjoo News site is hacked.
  • The president of Amir Kabir University was sentenced to be suspended in public service for two years.
  • Passports of 2 Sunni students studying in Saudi Arabia confiscated; they can’t continue their studies.
  • Telluride Film Festival Silver Medal awarded to Mohammad Rasoulof.


  • Third protest of death row inmate’s families in front of Parliament.
  • Zagros Steel workers protest against lack of employment contracts.

Iran abroad

  • Iran freed 6 Slovak gliders arrested for spying.
  • EU court drops seven companies from Iranian sanctions list.
  • Iran ordered militants in Iraq to attack the American Embassy in Baghdad if the U.S. strikes Syria.

Iran Economics

  • $20 billion deficit predicted in Iranian annual budget.
  • Layoff of 50 West Steel’s workers returning from summer vacation.
  • Dismissal of four thousand workers of construction in Boroojerd.
  • $1= 32,250 rials
  • 60 per cent of Iran’s airplanes grounded.
  • Interior Minister: “70% of Our Cities Are Bankrupt”.
  • Value of Iran’s saffron exports exceeds $53million in five months.
  • Irans aluminum output increases 7 percent.
  • Well-known global oil companies to be invited for negotiations and investment in Iran’s oil industry.
  • Economy Minister: Iran facing a crisis of 8.5 million job seekers.
  • VP Mohammad Bagher Nobakht: budget to be slashed by 28%; predicted revenues not achievable.

Iran Politics

  • Iran to set up forced labour camp for drug smuggling prisoners.
  • Iranian news agency drops Rafsanjani remarks critical of Syrian government.
  • Reformist wins lead position on Tehran City Council.
  • Impersonators of President Rouhani and FM sent tweets with best wishes to Jews for Rosh Hashanah.
  • Rouhani selects prominent economist Prof. Masoud Nili as his Economic Advisor, puts Foreign Ministry in charge of nuclear negotiations.
  • Majid Ansari, former VP in Khatami government, appointed VP for parliamentary affairs. Morteza Sarmadi (first deputy foreign minister), Mehdi Danesh Yazdi (Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs)  Majid Takht-Ravanchi (Deputy Foreign Minister for Europe and America Affairs), Seyed Abbas Araghchi (current Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia-Pacific Affairs), Hossein Amir-Abdollahian (current Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs) and Hasan Ghashghavi (current Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular, Parliamentary and Expatriates’ Affairs) will remain in their posts.
  • Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan has named Reza Talainik as his deputy for legal and parliamentary affairs.
  • Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazli has appointed Sowlat Mortazavi as his senior adviser.
  • FM Zarif condemns the killing of Jews by the Nazis saying Iran has never denied the holocaust.


  • Ayatollah Abdul-Hamid Masoumi Tehrani met with some Baha’i activists.
  • Cholera outbreaks in Kerman province.

As usual, list of political prisoners in Iran:

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