News from Iran – Week 41 – 2013


Prisoner News


  • Sajad Beit-Abdollah, from Shush, sentenced to 15 years in prison in exile, transferred to Gorgan prison.
  • Ahmad Dabat, from Shush, sentenced to 20 years in prison in exile, transferred to Rasht prison.
  • Ahmad Kaabi (Zaghibi) from Shush, sentenced to 15 years in prison in exile, transferred to Kerman prison.
  • Jafar Kaabi, from Shush, sentenced to 15 years in prison in exile, transferred to Yazd prison.
  • Ali (Jajeh) Kanani, from Shush, sentenced to 20 years in prison in exile, transferred to Sari prison.
  • Yousef Khazaraji, from Shush, sentenced to 10 years in prison in exile, transferred to Shiraz prison.
  • Abdollah Momeni transferred to prison infirmary in emergency.
  • Maryam Naghash-Zargaran (Nasim), Christian convert, transferred from Evin to Modarres hospital.
  • Hasan Naseri, from Shush, sentenced to 20 years in prison in exile, transferred to Sabzevar prison.
  • Sunni prisoner Foad Rezazadeh transferred to Evin prison ward 209.
  • Abbas Sagouri, from Shush, sentenced to 15 years in prison in exile, transferred to Hamedan prison.
  • Maryam Shafeepour transferred to general ward in Evin.
  • Arash Sharifi, Sunni prisoner of Rejaei Shahr prison, transferred to Kashan prison.



  • Journalist Masoud Bastani back to Rejaei Shahr at the end of furlough.
  • Baha’i Hassan Bazar Afkan arrested.
  • Mousavi’s senior adviser Alireza Beheshti Shirazi is back in Evin after 2 weeks out on furlough.
  • Mostafa Faghihi the managing director of Entekhab site, arrested and sent to Evin for one day then released on bail.
  • Green Movement activist Dr. Alireza Rajabianfard arrested and taken to Evin to start serving his 3 1/2 years sentence.
  • Tens of people charged with promoting homosexuality and Satanism arrested in Kermanshah.



  • Journalist Bahman Ahmadi Amouei released on furlough.
  • Journalist/HR activist Ahmad Asgari has been released on bail after more than 3 months detention most of it in solitary.
  • Amir Chamani released from prison.
  • Civil activist Mehdi Hamidi Shafigh has been released from Tabriz central prison.
  • Political prisoner Mohammad Reza Hosseini released from Bandar Abbas prison.
  • Student activist Afshin Keshtkari released from Shiraz Adelabad prison after completing his 6 months sentence.
  • Mohammad-Reza Moghiseh released on furlough.
  • Mohsen Mohagheghi released on furlough.
  • Kurdish political prisoner Hamzeh Sobhani has been released from Dizelabad prison in Kermanshah. He had served half of his 6 years sentence.
  • Mehdi Tajik released on furlough.


Other News

  • Hamed Ghasemi-Shal reunited with his wife in Toronto.
  • Ayatollah Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi suffers a heart attack in prison.


News of injustice in Iran

  • Dervish Gonabadi Hamid-Reza Arayesh sentenced to exile for life to Khouzestan.
  • Dervish Gonabadi Kazem Dehghani sentenced to exile for life to Sistan-Baluchestan.
  • Regime critic blogger Dr. Mehdi Khazali has been sentenced to 6 years imprisonment.
  • Court of Appeals has sentenced Christian Maryam Naghash Zargaran to 4 years.
  • Dervish Gonabadi Mohammad-Ali Shamshirzan sentenced to exile for life to Hormozgan.
  • Morteza Vafaei, Sunni student, sentenced to 21 months in prison.
  • 6 hangings in Yazd central prison.
  • 2 executions in Shahrekord prison.
  • 2 public executions in Babol, carried out by victims’ family member.
  • 3 executions in Ardabil prison.
  • 1 execution in Bandar Abbas prison.
  • 3 executions in Rasht, one publicly.
  • One public execution in Fars province.


University – Culture

  • 13 students from the Shiraz Medical University summoned by intelligence ministry in the past month.



  • Semnan Lining Machine workers protest the delay of 11 month salary.
  • Death row prisoners’ families gathered in front of revolutionary court in Tehran.


Iran abroad

  • New German and Dutch ambassadors nominated in Tehran.


Iran Economics

  • More than 100 workers of Shiraz Marvdasht Factory have not received wages since 15 months.
  • The Central Bank confirmed that the annual inflation rate exceeded 40% on most essential items for August/September. The cost of food and drink rose by 51%, shoes by 60%, and utilities, water, and fuel by 21%. Health care was 43% more expensive and transport 45%. Only communications and education had increases of less than 15%.
  • 2 auto assembly plants, Kerman Motors and Modiran halt production.


Iran Politics

  • President Rouhani appointed Ms. Shahindokht Mowlaverdi as Vice President and Head of Center for Women and Family Affairs.
  • Elham Aminzadeh said: “Fifty complaints by Ahmadinejad’s government against some media organizations, members of the parliament, political activists and media activists were annulled.”
  • Mohammad Hossein Moghimi was appointed governor general of Markazi province, Mohammad Vakili of Semnan provinces, Hasan Sadeghlu of Golestan province and Mohammad Reza Morvarid of Ilam province.
  • Sorena Sattari has been appointed as vice-president for science and technology.
  • Rouhani appointed Mohammad Shariatmadari as Vice President for Executive Affairs.



  • Iran: attempt to sabotage a nuclear site, four people arrested.
  • 5 IRGC members killed and 2 injured in clashes with the Kurdish PKK Corps in Kurdistan.


As usual, list of political prisoners in Iran:

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