Finally, Graduated Elite! (Confirmed by @WordPress)


Finally, Graduated Elite! (Confirmed by @WordPress)

This notification from WordPress totally caught me by surprise, and really made me Laugh Out Loud, so I just had to share. To make it even more special, I got the notification at 13:37 – leet-o-clock!
I did nothing to earn this stunning achievement – it is the gift of all the wonderful registered users who were so kind and generous to follow my humble blog. Thank you all so much, your collective actions helped to brighten my day!


The Story Behind ‘1337 Leet’

In the days of Windows 95, a group of infamous hackers named “The Dead Cow Cult” used to take remote control of Windows 95 machines. They used a nasty software package called Back Orifice, and used the network port 31337 to take over thousands of Win95 computers worldwide. Their purposeful misspelling of the world “elite” as “leet” or “1337” was a way to bypass censorship programs.

Years later, the Dead Cow Cult influence has morphed into a subculture of jargon and power user language. People who speak “leet” today are not malicious hackers. Instead leetspeak is often the trademark of serious Internet gamers and people who pride themselves on being technically savvy. explains some of the leetspeak world here… 

Related terms to leet: hax0rchixor, 3ber, epeen, r0x0r. These hacker-type terms were originally purposely spelled with numbers to avoid censorship programs. Today, the numeric spelling is used as a form of subculture and expressiveness.


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