On pointlessness

Image: Keystone/Zuma Rex Features

Image: Keystone/Zuma Rex Features

Saturday we heard about several kilos of drugs in UN diplomatic pouches shipped from Mexico via DHL that “weren’t intended for the UN”. Then why did DHL try to deliver them to the UN regardless of a complete lack of paperwork, or even an address label; surely that is against the law? Certainly it makes for failed and pointless security policies designed to prevent parcel-bombs.

Sunday saw Kofi Annan sounding off about the huge threat that the drugs trade presents to Africa’s fragile post-conflict countries. I suppose the doesn’t have the stomach to talk about the mid-conflict countries. The comments section is lit up like a Christmas Tree with pointed remarks about the failed and massively expensive War on Drugs. It also mentions Kofi’s less than sparkling reputation after the accusations against him in 2005 that damaged the UN’s reputation, leaving stains that are still visible today.

On Monday BBC Newsnight interviewed Wael “Mission Accomplished” Ghonim about Egypt’s restarted revolution or “his Revolution 2.0” as the BBC titled the segment (they are actually referring to the title of the book he just wrote. At least, I hope they are). Enough said. Almost. But a comment on the BBC blog, suggesting (tongue in cheek) that Mrs Ghonim might be his “CIA handler” did make me smile. Pointless aside: Wael also created the website for former election candidate Mohamed ElBaradei.

As I write this, it’s Tuesday, and we have just heard from the Arab League at the UN after their extended, then aborted, mission to Syria. Arab League as usual saying nothing of value, and certainly nothing that will help stop Syrian bloodshed or save Syria from a bitter civil war. Surely the biggest exercise in pointlessness of all.