News from Iran – Week 36 – 2012

Blogger Hossein Ronaghi-Maleki: From Threat of Execution to Reduced Sentence of 15yrs

Prisoners’ News

A. Transfers

  • Dr. Nader Babaei transferred handcuffed and shackled to hospital with internal bleeding.
  • Massoud Bastani and Keyvan Samimi were transferred to solitary confinement at Rajaei Shahr Prison.
  • Iran’s oldest political prisoner, Abbas Amir-Entezam, discharged from hospital and allowed to go home.
  • On day 17 of hunger strike, political prisoner Rasoul Herdani has been moved to Evin clinic in poor health.

B- Arrests/Incarcerations

  • Critic and blogger Ahmad Nourmohammadi Abadchi was arrested in Ahvaz and transferred to Isfahan Intel detention
  • Five days after release, political prisoner Hadi Amini re-arrested.
  • Journalist Zhila Baniyaghoub arrived at Evin Prison to begin serving her one-year sentence.
  • Ebrahim Fakhri arrested in Maku for attending a session of poetry in Turkish language.
  • Hashem Hosseinpanahi, Kurdish activist, arrested.
  • Babak Mohsennezhad, photographer, arrested when taking pictures in Maku.
  • Professor at online Baha’i University, Keyvan Rahimian, summoned to serve his 5-year sentence.
  • Mohammad-Hasan Yousef-Pourseifi, human rights activist, reported to Evin to start serving his 5.5 year sentence.


Akbar Amini

  • Vahdat Dana, Baha’i from Shiraz, freed after serving his sentence.
  • Akbar Amini released on bail.
  • Iman Rashidi, Fariba Ashtari, Farhanaz Misaghian, Shabnam Motahed, and Nategh Naeemi, Baha’i from Yazd, freed on 50 million Toman bail each.
  • Fariborz Baghi, Baha’i from Yazd, freed on 80 million Toman bail.
  • Sina Aghdaszadeh and Shayan Tafazoli,Baha’i from Mashhad, freed on 100 million Toman bail each.
  • Hossein Yazdi, reformist politician arrested last week released.

D-Other News

  • Muzaffar Dadi, ‎‎24, who had been incarcerated in Bandar Abbas Prison, died after being violently beaten by guards.
  • Wife of political activist and former prisoner Mohammad Esmail-Zadeh beaten by security forces commander, her teeth and jaw broken.
  • Hossein Ronaghi-Maleki suffering from internal bleeding in his kidneys after beatings and hunger strike

News of injustice in Iran

Behzad Nabavi


  • Human Rights activist and Zanjan Payame Noor University student Davoud Khodakarami has been sentenced to 4 months suspended for 4 years.
  • Journalist and political activist Mohammadsafar Lafoti has been sentenced to 5 years suspended sentence and a 5 year ban from political or journalism activities
  • New charges have been pressed against senior reformist Behzad Nabavi, imprisoned in IRGC’s ward 2A.
  • 3 executions in Rajaei Shahr prison.

University – Culture

  • First phase of the national internet has been installed in 28 of Iran’s 31 provinces.
  • Tehran Times Managing Director, Reza Moghaddasi, and Isaac Chipampe, Managing Director of Zambia’s Daily Mail, signed a cooperation agreement with the goal of improving socio-cultural relations between Iran and Zambia.

Iran Economics

  • Isfahan Petrochemical Complex shut down due to oil shortages.
  • Iran suspends $2.6B gas project with Chinese consortium.
  • 5 million day laborers deprived of benefits of the labor law.
  • Workers protesting the bankruptcy verdict of Avangaan manufacturer of transmission towers: 100 workers laid off.
  • $ 1 = 2,200 Toman on Wednesday, 2,250 on Thursday
  • Russia has taken over the market for Iranian oil in Turkey.

Iran  abroad

  • Iran and North Korea sign technological cooperation agreement, deepening ties.
  • Bahrain demands apologies from Iran further to translation of Morsi speech during NAM.
  • Alleged spy ring for Iran revealed by visual records in Turkey.
  • Iran Supplying Syrian Military via Iraqi Airspace.
  • Canada lists Iran as “state sponsor of terrorism” for support of Assad regime in Syria. Canada has closed its embassy in Iran, effective immediately, and declared personae non gratae all remaining Iranian diplomats in Canada.
  • Ahmadinejad appoints Reza Nazar-Ahari, former ambassador to Finland, as Iran’‎s new ambassador to Japan.

Politics in Iran

  • Revolutionary Guards killed a member of the PDKI, Esmail Kargar, in Shno.
  • Khamenei’s rep in IRGC: Regime’s legitimacy does NOT lie in people’s vote – while admitting that thousands of protesters and dissidents had been arrested after the 2009 election.
  • 7 Ayatollahs in Qom call execution of political opponents legally indefensible.
  • IRGC wants to establish seminary schools.
  • Security forcibly closes 15 businesses in Qazvin for not strictly observing the rules and values of Islam.
  • Iran’s next presidential election set for June 14 2013.


  • 21 medals, of which 9 gold for Iran during the London 2012 Paralympics.

News from Iran – Week 35 – 2012

Morsi at NAM Summit Tehran

Prisoner News

A- Transfers

  • Journalist Isa Saharkhiz transferred from hospital to Evin 209; he started a hunger strike to protest.

B- Arrests/Incarcerations

  • Akbar Amini (who climbed on top of a crane on 14 February 2011 in symbolic protest), summoned and arrested.
  • Amin Chalaki, who led Mousavi’s presidential campaign in Saveh, reported to Evin to begin serving his 4 year sentence.
  • Isa Faridi summoned to begin serving his sentence.
  • Student activist Nasim Soltan-Beigi summoned to Evin to serve her sentence.
  • Hossein Yazdi, arrested in Isfahan for posting news, was released the next day.
  • An underground music group arrested in Tehran.


  • Ali Moslehi, member of Karroubi’s election campaign, was released on bail..

D-Other News

  • Mohammad Nazari is on hunger strike, after sewing his lips together. He was arrested when 22 years old and has already spent 20 years in prison.
  • Mohammad Tavakoli, jailed secretary of teachers’ Union in Kermanshah, was severely beaten by prison guards.
  • More than 15,000 people are confined in overcrowded and sub-standard prisons of Khuzestan province.
  • Some people arrested last week when helping earthquake’s victims have reportedly started a hunger strike to protest the arrests :
    • Navid Khanjani
    • Vahed Kholoosi
    • Milad Panahipour
    • Hossein Ronaghi Maleki

News of injustice in Iran

  • Meysam and Siamak Azadi, who protested the drying of Lake Urmia, each received a suspended sentence of 100 days in prison.
  • Political prisoner Hasan Ashtiani was sentenced to 15 years for Moharebeh. The Judge dismissed his lawyer and replaced him by a court-appointed duty lawyer; the trial lasted only 11 minutes. Hasan was sentenced for selling his sister’s home and sending her the money: the Court claimed she was a member of the outlawed MEK group. Hasan denied the charges, saying if his sister has any involvement with MEK, he was not aware of it.

University – Culture

  • Last week, 1400 satellite antennas were confiscated in Bokan, 29,000 in Bushehr.
  • Iranian women beat the UAE team 4-0 in the Istanbul Chess Olympiad.
  • Green site Kalameh collected over 11,000 signatures from Iranian people for an appeal to UN General Secretary within two days. The unusually high volume of traffic was accompanied by reports that the site was under attack.

Iran Economics

  • Mazandaran Textile, which used to have 7000 workers, now has 700, all waiting 26 months to be paid.
  • Japan did not import any Iranian crude in July, for 1st time since 1981.
  • Two production lines in the largest drug manufacturing company in Iran are idle due to sanctions preventing import of raw material.

Iran  abroad & NAM Summit

  • Iran reportedly withdrew its invitation to Hamas to take part in NAM.
  • 10 people arrested for spying for Iran in Turkish Igdir region. Two of them, Mohammed Reza Esmaılpour and Shahram Zargham are charged with sending information about Syrian opposition.
  • Iran will use 850 security units and 110,000 personnel to ensure “security” during NAM.
  • Citizens in North of Tehran impacted by traffic restrictions because of NAM. Traffic forbidden in several freeways and streets, with reports of compensation payments being offered – and largely rejected. On the first day of meetings, locals reported no change in the number of people or vehicles in Tehran.
  • Police are said to have removed 1,400 beggars from Tehran’s streets before the NAM summit.
  • Ban Ki-moon denies having been contacted by families of assassinated nuclear scientists to request a meeting.
  • Egyptian president Morsi made a speech criticising repression in Syria and Bahrain and calling for support for opposition movements at the NAM summit in Tehran. The Syrian Prime Minister left the room during the speech, and Iranian translator and state-run radio/TV censored Morsi’s words, rendering ‘’revolution’’ as ‘’sedition’’. Morsi left the meeting immediately after he finished speaking, without attending Ahmadinejad’s speech.

Politics in Iran

  • Mehr News reported thousands of burials were organized by Red Crescent after the earthquake in Azerbaijan, indicating that the death toll was many times higher than official figures. The news was widely shared, and then the original article was removed from the Mehr website

Des Nouvelles d’Iran – Semaine 35 – 2012

Issa Saharkhiz

Nouvelles des Prisonniers

A-   Transferts

Ø  Le journaliste Issa Saharkhiz transféré de l’hôpital au bloc 209 de la prison d’Evine, commence une grève de la faim pour protester.

B- Arrestations/Incarcérations

Akbar Amini ( qui avait grimpé en haut d’une grue pour manifester symboliquement le 14 février 2011 ) convoqué et arrêté.

Ø  Issa Faridi convoqué pour purger sa peine de prison.

Ø  La militante étudiante Nassim Soltanbeigui convoquée à Evine pour purger sa peine.

Ø  Amin Tchalaki directeur de la campagne présidentielle de Moussavi à Saveh, s’est rendu à Evine pour commencer à purger ses 4 ans de prison.

Ø  Hossein Yazdi arrêté a Ispahan pour avoir posté des informations ; il est libéré le lendemain.

Ø  Un groupe de musique clandestin arrêté à Téhéran.



Ø  Ali Moslehi, membre de la campagne de Karroubi, a été libéré sous caution.

D-Autres Nouvelles

Ø  Mohammad Nazari en grève de la faim s’est cousu les lèvres ; il a été arrêté à l’âge de 22 ans et a passé 20 ans en prison.

Ø  Mohammad Tavakoli secrétaire du syndicat des enseignants de Kermanshah a été sévèrement battu.

Ø  Plus de 15.000 prisonniers incarcérés dans les prisons de la province du Khouzestan, surpeuplées et mal entretenues.

Ø  Certaines personnes arrêtées la semaine dernière alors qu’elles aidaient les victimes du tremblement de terre ont lancé une grève de la faim pour protester contre les arrestations :

o   Navid Khanjani

o   Vahed Kholousi

o   Milad Panahipour

o   Hossein Ronaghi Maleki

Nouvelles de l’injustice en Iran

Ø  Meysam et Siamak Azadi, qui avaient manifesté contre l’assèchement du lac Oroumieh, condamnés à 100 jours de prison chacun avec sursis.

Ø  Le prisonnier politique Hassan Ashtiani a été condamné à 15 ans pour Moharebeh. Le juge a récusé son avocat et l’a remplacé par un avocat commis d’office. Son procès a duré 11 minutes Il a été condamné pour avoir vendu la maison de sa sœur et lui avoir envoyé l’argent. Le tribunal a prétendu qu’elle était membre de l’OMPI. Hassan Ashtiani a nié en disant qu’il ne savait pas que sa soeur était membre de l’OMPI.


L’université – la Culture

Ø  La semaine dernière, 1400 antennes satellites ont été confisquées à Bokan, 29.000 à Boushehr.

Ø  Les Iraniennes battent les Emiratis 4-0 aux Olympiades d’échecs d’Istanbul.

Ø  Le site Vert Kalameh sous cyber-attaque intense après avoir publié l’appel du peuple iranien au Secrétaire Général de l’Onu, signé par plus de 11.000 personnes en deux jours.

L’economie de l’Iran

Ø  Le Japon imports n’importe pas de brut iranien pour la premiere fois depuis 1981.

Ø  Mazandaran Textile, qui comptait 7000 ouvriers, n’en a plus que 700 qui attendent tous leurs salaires depuis 26 mois..

L’Iran à l’étranger

Ø  L’Iran retire son invitation au Hamas de participer au sommet des non-alignés.

Ø  10 personnes arrêtées pour espionnage au profit de l’Iran dans la province turque d’Igdir. Deux d’entre elles, Mohammed Reza Esmaılpour et Shahram Zargham sont accuses d’avoir transmis des informations sur l’opposition syrienne.

Ø  Ban Ki Moon nie avoir été contacté par les familles des scientifiques nucléaires iraniens assassinés pour lui demander un entretien.

Ø  Le président égyptien Morsi fait un discours très critique contre la répression en Syrie ; le premier ministre syrien quitte la salle pendant le discours, la radiotélévision iranienne censure les paroles de Morsi, remplaçant révolution par sédition. Morsi quitte la réunions juste après son discours, sans attendre celui d’Ahmadinejad.

L’Economie de l’Iran

Ø  Deux lignes de production de la plus grande compagnie pharmaceutique a l’arret a cause des sanctions qui ne lui permettent pas d’importer les matieres premieres.

La politique en Iran

Ø  L’Iran va déployer 850 unités de sécurité et 110.000 hommes pour assurer la « sécurité » durant le sommetdes non-alignés qui coutera au total USD 600 millions.

Ø  Les habitants du Nord de Téhéran souffrent de restriction de circulation à cause du sommet des non-alignés. La circulation est interdite dans plusieurs autoroutes et rues du nord de Teheran.

Ø  La police embarque 1.400 mendiants des rues de Téhéran avant de début du sommet.

Ø  Mehr News fait état de 1.600 enterrements organisés par le croissant rouge iranien suite au tremblement de terre.

News from Iran – Week 26 – 2012

Iran Oil Tanker Under Malta Colours [Photo: Reuters/Tim Chong]

News of the Prisoners

A- Transfers

  • Imprisoned journalist Bahman Ahmadi-Amouei was taken to court and put in solitary after return to Rejaei Shahr.
  • Political prisoner Arjang Davoodi transferred to solitary confinement.
  • Mitra Homayoun, workers’ rights activist, transferred to Rasht; she is being denied visits and contact with a lawyer.
  • National-Religious activist Saeed Madani was transferred back to Evin 209 one day after transfer to 350.
  • Journalist Mehdi Mahmoudian transferred to hospital.
  • Saeed Marzban, workers’ rights activist, transferred to Rasht; he is being denied visits and contact with a lawyer.
  • Kurdish prisoner on death row Zaniar Moradi transferred to hospital.
  • Seyyed Mostafa Tajzadeh taken to hospital for hemorrhage in one eye, then back to solitary in Evin, against doctors’ advice.

B- Arrests/Incarcerations

  • Protests following the execution of 4 Arab-Iranians in Ahvaz resulted in the arrest of at least fifteen people: Mansour, Naser and Reza Bavi, Esmaeil Dehimi, Rahim and Razi Silavi, Adel, Ali, Hakim, Hossein, Jasem, Jomeh, Kazem, Mohammad and Naser Haydari.
  • Mahmoud Bagheri, teacher and unionist, begins serving his 9 years sentence in Evin.
  • Baha’i Taher Eskandarian was arrested in a raid of his home in Semnan. Home searched, items confiscated.
  • Vahid Rastgo was arrested in Tabriz in a raid of his home, home searched, computer & items confiscated.
  • Reza Setayesh-Efza, student of Azad University in Karaj and political activist, arrested at night.
  • Arrests of cyber activists across Iran by security forces.
  • 363 people arrested during large-scale operation by security forces, to increase public safety levels in city of Mashhad.


  • Javad Alikhani student activist freed after serving his time.
  • Blogger Hanieh Farshi has been released on bail on medical furlough.
  • Fereydoun Seidi-Rad on furlough for 5 days.

D-Other News

  • After 2 years, Mohammad Sadegh Kaboudvand is allowed to meet his wife in person.
  • Imprisoned blogger Ronaghi Maleki develops a kidney infection due to lack of post-surgery care. Function of his one remaining kidney is seriously impaired.
  • Number of people imprisoned in Iran grew by 100,000 over the past 5 years.

News of injustice in Iran

  • Political/civil activist journalist Rouhollah Kalantari has been exonerated of all charges by Appeals Court.
  • Political activist Dr. Hani Yazerlou has been sentenced to 1 year in prison and 15 years exile to Iranshahr.
  • Two citizens of Khorasan province in Iran are sentenced to death for repeated consumption of alcohol.
  • Two public hangings in Tehran on Thursday.

University – Culture

  • Shaghayegh Agahi, Baha’i student, expelled from Tehran University.
  • Music concert is cancelled due to organisers not segregating men and women.
  • Iran holds first contemporary art auction, which earned a total of $1.7 million.


  • 48 Khavar textile workers launched a strike against their pat being delayed for 11 months. The workers protested in front of the Gilan Province administration.

Iran Oil Tanker Under Malta Colours [Photo: Reuters/Tim Chong]

Economy in Iran

  • $1 = 1877 Tomans on Saturday, 1924 on Sunday, 1876 on Monday, 2000 on Tuesday, 2060 on Thursday – a new high
  • The price of eggs rose 10.1% in the past week.
  • Price of mineral water jumps 40%.
  • Jaber Ibn Hayyn, a pharmaceutical company, has laid off more than 90 employees because of shortage of raw materials.
  • Iranian oil tankers change names, flags as EU ban looms.
  • Japan’s Mitsubishi has renewed its contract to import oil from Iran.
  • The Indian Minister of Food has announced that if Iran were to request, India could export 3 million tons of grain to Iran and thus pay off a part of its oil debts to Iran.
  • China’s GMC truck production line launches in Iran.
  • Delays by Chinese firms in completing their projects have cost Iran $1Billion in losses.
  • Vice Président of Shomal Drilling Company, Bahman Ashtari, announced the purchase of three pieces of offshore drilling equipment from China, and the import of five additional pieces of drilling equipment for the Persian Gulf within a year-and-a-half.
  • Iranian firms cannot pay $2.5Billion in debt to Turkey.
  • Iran signs up 11 tankers to small Pacific nation of Tuvalu.
  • Over the past year, Iran exported 80 tons of shrimp to Italy and Spain.

Iran  abroad

  • Syrian president Bashar al Assad speaks on Iranian TV.
  • Head of UN observer mission in Syria meets with Iranian ambassador.
  • Head of Iran’s Red Crescent Society, Abolhasan Faqih, said that “Iran’s Red Crescent Society operates 29 medical centers in different countries and has inaugurated two new medical centers in Bolivia and Tanzania in recent weeks”.

Politics in Iran

  • Merchants who broadcast the call to prayer (azan) from their shops will get a tax break!
  • 4 people killed and 18 injured in clashes between residents of 2 villages outside of Khoy and Revolutionary Guards.
  • Four clothing stores were closed due to non-compliance with Islamic values and use of unconventional mannequins in Ghazvin.
  • Four tailor shops were closed due to use of illegal magazines and sale of prohibited item in Ghazvin.
  • Two stores for the sale of cosmetics and care products were closed in Ghazvin.


  • Anti-riot forces attack park to prevent youth from playing watergames.
  • Flood Destroys 60 Homes in Tabriz.
  • River diversion dries up Ahvazi land in Khuzestan.

News from Iran – Week 25 – 2012

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

News of the Prisoners

A- Transfers

  • Javad Alikhani ends his hunger strike after return to general ward.
  • Imprisoned Mahabad Payame Nour University student Jamal Ghadernejad was taken to hospital.
  • Farshad Ghorbanpour ends his hunger strike after return to general ward.
  • Death row Kurdish prisoner Samkoo Khorshidi was moved from Saghez prison to Sanandaj prison.
  • Saeed Jalalifar ends his hunger strike after return to general ward.
  • Reza Joshan exiled to Damghan.
  • Saeed Matinpour ends his hunger strike after return to general ward.
  • One week after kidney surgery, blogger/HR activist Hossein Ronaghi Maleki is back in Evin prison.
  • Arash Saghar ends his hunger strike after return to general ward.

B- Arrests/Incarcerations

  • Massive arrests in Karaj, 59 workers’ rights activists, all transferred to Rejaei Shahr prison. Among them: Mitra Homayooni, Vafa Ghaderi, Reyhaneh Ansari, Khaled Hosseini, Mahmoud Salehi, Saeed Moghaddam, Cyrus Fathi, Ghaleb Hosseini, Mohammad Abdipour, Jalal Hosseini, Alireza Asgari, Masoud Salimpour, Abbas Andriyany, Sediq Amjadi, Fattah Soleimani, Maziar Mehrpour, Mohmmad Molanai, Vahed Seyyedeh, Jalil Sharifian, Sediq Khosravi, Yusuf Ab Kharabad, Faramarz Fetrat Nejad, Jalil Mohammadi, Nezam Sadeghi, Afshin Nadimi, Hussein Pilooti, Rahman Ebrahim Zadeh, Abbas Hashem Poor
  • Amin Abolhasani, Abadeh Manouchehr Zare and Ali Shafiee, Gonabadi dervishes, arrested in Kovar.
  • Implementation of 2 years prison for Michael Azimi, student of late Hoda Saber.
  • Omid Ghaderi-Eghdam, Yaghoub Khezri and Jamal Ghaderinezhad from Miandoab, arrested and sent to prison.
  • Kurdish Tehran University post-grad student Diako Khayat arrested in Mahabad
  • Amir Sheibanizadeh arrested and sent to Vakilabad prison to serve his sentence.
  • Vahid Zardi, an actor newly converted to Christianity arrested in Mashhad.
  • Tehran police declare: 170 thugs and hoodlums arrested, they will be displayed in various parts of the city as a lesson to others.


  • Imprisoned journalist Bahman Ahmadi Amouie denied family visits.
  • Political prisoner Mohamadreza Motamednia has been released at the end of his sentence.

D-Other News

  • French Trade Unions CFDT, CGT, FSU, Solidaires and UNSA condemned on Tuesday “the suppressive wave” in Iran against workers’ rights activists, and called on Iranian authorities to “respect workers’ rights”.
  • Mansour Mohammadi, Kurdish prisoner, is on hunger strike in Bandar Abbas prison
  • Nasrin Sotoudeh vows to launch hunger strike next week if denied visitation with family.

News of injustice in Iran

  • Foad Ahmadnejad sentenced to 6 months.
  • Shohreh Azami-Kasaei sentenced by appeals to 8 months.
  • Ali Naami Sharifi, Abbas, Abdolrahman and Jamshid Heydarian, Arab political prisoners were hanged in Karoon prison.
  • Zahra Nik-Aein’s 7-year sentence reduced to 23 months by appeal court.
  • Keyvan Rahimian sentenced to 5 years in prison.
  • 4 year sentence for Alireza Rajaee.
  • Journalist Isa Saharkhiz has been sentenced to 1.5 additional years on an 11 year-old case.
  • As part of their sentence, 2 men convicted of theft were lashed 74 times each in public in Vaneshan village (Central Iran).
  • 4 public executions in Tehran on Wednesday.
  • 1 execution in Ahar on Thursday.

University – Culture

  • In past two months 621 domestic and foreign sites under surveillance by cyber police.
  • Students of Naft University in Ahvaz were attacked, beaten, and their exams were canceled.
  • Iranian Ney virtuoso Hassan Kasaii dies at 84.
  • Tehran University Chemical Engineering master’s degree student Shaghayegh Aghah has been expelled due to being a Baha’i.
  • Press TV is back on the Astra staellite.
  • The Iranian Cultural Center and the branch of Iranian Studies Foundation in Moscow were opened.


  • Truck drivers of Iran’s largest cement factory continue their strike.

Economy in Iran

  • 10,000 workers write a letter to Minister of Labour.
  • The unemployment rate reaches 65% in Iranian Kurdistan.
  • $1 = 1810 Tomans Monday, 1825 Tomans Tuesday.
  • Bank Tejarat sues the European Union over an asset freeze imposed on the state-owned Iranian bank.
  • Rise in food prices compared to one year ago: dairy 44% – vegetables 55% – fruit 41% – herbs 94% – red meat 37% – chicken 73%

Iran  abroad

  • Iranian and British foreign ministers meet.
  • The Japanese parliament approved insuring ships carrying Iranian oil.
  • Foreign Minister Ali-Akbar Salehi, Vice President of Executive Affairs Hamid Baghaei and Vice President for International Affairs Ali Saeedlou will be accompanying Ahmadinejad, scheduled to arrive in Bolivia on June 19 to meet with his Bolivian counterpart Evo Morales before attending the Rio+20 Summit on sustainable development in Brazil.
  • China asks Iran to pay for shipping costs of the oil it wants to export.
  • Ahmadinejad met with both the UN Secretary General and former Brazilian President Lula da Silva on the sidelines of the Rio+20 Summit.
  • 3 Iranian banks, including Pasargad and Bank Tejarat, have applied to the Turkish banking regulator for a banking license.

Politics in Iran

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

  • Ahmadinejad will quit political scene in 2013.
  • MP calls for expulsion of Saudi ambassador.
  • Larijani brothers accused of embezzling over 342 hectares of land in best locations around Tehran.


  • According to official records, within the last year 75 boys/girls  under the age of 10, 3929 boys/girls aged 10-14, were married in Tehran
  • 500 suicides in one year in Hamedan alone.
  • Iran says Flame virus is contained.
  • The Central Bank of Iran site has been under cyber attack.