Mauritania News Summary 21 Apr 2012

  • More controversy in Mauritania over slavery – this time it’s whether local Imam Sheikh Dedew denied the existence of slavery or not. The anger aroused after a Saudi cleric suggested buying slaves in order to free them is still smouldering.
  • Still (almost) on the subject of slavery, allegations of divisions in the ranks of Mauritanian anti-slavery campaign IRA continue, with the latest statement claiming they are becoming more politicised. I assume most observers are seeing this as yet another clumsy ploy to diminish the influence of Birame Ould Obeida and IRA in the country, and above all to discourage black African citizens from joining the current political protests in large numbers.
  • New Mauritania housing project manager’s first act: sack 20 low-paid workers. Looks great on paper. Who’s building homes? Source [Ar]
  • The editor of Al-Akhbar News is in Timbuktu – the only sure way to get real information about what is happening on the ground in northern Mali, but incredibly risky.
  • Two drug traffickers from Mauritania have each been sentenced to 10 years hard labour and CFA30 million fines in Senegal. Source
  • 25 year-old Mauritania break dance performer Taleb Usher has died after a short illness.A tribute is in process of being organised.  Source
Taleb Usher

Taleb Usher

  • Mauritania hacker collective H@kEr^^R.I.M has defaced an Israel-based IT specialist website

  • Residents of a rural village in Mauritania are protesting to demand provision for education, which has been neglected for many years despite renewed appeals. Source