Rumoured spat between #Mauritnia &amp #Qatar enters phase…


Rumoured spat between #Mauritnia & #Qatar enters phase 2. Of boring us to death. Now we’re supposed to believe that the Development Centre project created to help women in rural communities has been “ordered to close” and – this is the biggest stretch – that this has been done “in response to the outrage felt by citizens” over the last rumour. Absolute piffle. For one thing, there is less than zero evidence of the Mauritanian authorities ever listening to civil society. Anyway, here’s the link in Arabic if you want to sacrifice a few braincells, be my guest: You might also want to check the photo I posted earlier to day of Aziz in a cosy threesome of handclasping at Tunisia’s one year anniversary of the departure of Ben Ali with the Emir of Qatar and Moncef Marzouki. And by the way, Marzouki should be ashamed of himself. Thank goodness Radhia Nasraoui had the good grace to condemn Aziz’ presence as scandalous.
Again, I have to ask: who benefits from painting this elaborate picture of Aziz and the Emir having fallen out, and needs to always couch it in terms that suggest a détente between the two countries?