#Mauritania’s reeling from news of Gen Aziz’ son Badr


The young hot-head has reportedly been arrested for shooting a girl in the early hours of Sunday morning, 22 Jan 2012. Stories describe a drunken argument during which the girl was shot. She was reportedly taken to Nouakchott Hospital where we are told doctors said a bullet was lodged in her lung. Later report said she was being airlifted to Morocco for treatment in a specialist hospital. It’s been the hot gossip online all day long.  I can’t confirm any of these reports because it has not been published in any official or traditional media – seems like there is a virtual blackout on the subject.

For added drama, the website that broke the story was apparently hacked – for at least the 3rd time. Personally, I am hoping Taqadoumy stays offline until they figure out how to run a website without getting hacked so regularly. Once is unfortunate. Twice is careless. Three times is just downright embarrassing.



Rumoured spat between #Mauritnia &amp #Qatar enters phase…


Rumoured spat between #Mauritnia & #Qatar enters phase 2. Of boring us to death. Now we’re supposed to believe that the Development Centre project created to help women in rural communities has been “ordered to close” and – this is the biggest stretch – that this has been done “in response to the outrage felt by citizens” over the last rumour. Absolute piffle. For one thing, there is less than zero evidence of the Mauritanian authorities ever listening to civil society. Anyway, here’s the link in Arabic if you want to sacrifice a few braincells, be my guest: http://snup.us/ohH You might also want to check the photo I posted earlier to day of Aziz in a cosy threesome of handclasping at Tunisia’s one year anniversary of the departure of Ben Ali with the Emir of Qatar and Moncef Marzouki. And by the way, Marzouki should be ashamed of himself. Thank goodness Radhia Nasraoui had the good grace to condemn Aziz’ presence as scandalous.
Again, I have to ask: who benefits from painting this elaborate picture of Aziz and the Emir having fallen out, and needs to always couch it in terms that suggest a détente between the two countries?

#Qatar- #Mauritania discord story outsourced by #Jordan website?

  1. An image from AlAkhbar English. The story has been published on several websites in Arabic and English. Everyone loves a good rumor! Al Babwa stands out because it doesn’t love its own stories enough to post them to Twitter, but has been incredibly fortunate in finding others willing to do it instead.
  2. 1. The flagship website of the Jordan-owned Al Bawaba Network, albawaba.com quoting Mauritanian Siraj newspaper, but neglecting to mention the Arab Press Network (http://www.arabpressnetwork.org/) description of it as a “pro-Islamist daily edited by Ahmad Al Wadi’a, a leading spokesperson of the Islamist movement”. For an indication of the quality of “news” favored by AlBawaba.com, check out this page from June 2011 highlighting another rumor, about the Emir of Qatar’s wife Sheikha Mozah allegedly spending $2m on plastic surgery to trim her derriére. Oddly enough, there are no tweets from @AlBawaEnglish to promote their story.
    The Al Bawaba Network also operates menareport.com.
  3. 2. A more influential Twitter user, the Iranian journalist Borzou Daragahi, aka @borzou, Pulitzer-listed former Baghdad bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times and now Middle East correspondent for the Financial Times and based in Cairo. If you’re reading this Borzou, I hope both you and your editor find it interesting to see you included in this group. 
  4. #Mauritania moving more & more into “resistance” camp; allegedly “expels” #Qatari emir bit.ly/xCyZtr
  5. “@borzou: #Mauritania moving more & more into “resistance” camp; allegedly “expels” #Qatari emir bit.ly/xCyZtr
  6. RT @borzou: #Mauritania moving more & more into “resistance” camp; allegedly “expels” #Qatari emir bit.ly/xCyZtr
  7. 3.  @atlantisconsult & @atconsultmaroc Sister accounts for a “security & intelligence” services company, according to their Twitter bios: 

    Atlantis Consulting es una corporación de ámbito Internacional . Atlantis Consulting is an International field corporation Security & Intelligence

    Atlantis Consulting est une société espagnole de niveau international crée pour répondre aux demandes existantes dans les secteurs de la sécurité etIntelligence

    We know very well what kind of intelligence service is typically interested in spreading rumors on social media. The kind involved in cyber warfare and spreading misinformation or disinformation.

  8. Other accounts that repeated the rumor as fact include @Arabic_News “Independent news & views from the streets of the Arab world” – http://www.roadstoiraq.com and @GLobalLinkInc – with a logo-style avatar that reads “Consulting International” but no url in their bio.
  9. Report: #Mauritania “expels” #Qatar|i emir h3r0.ca/wWpn42
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  11. Here’s the rest of the happy band of tweeters, included here as a courtesy because I wouldn’t want to miss anyone out.
  12. Report: Mauritania “expels” Qatari emir | Al Bawaba bit.ly/xIL9ug @Albawaba
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  14. RT @larkidesi: #Mauritania expels #Qatar emir bit.ly/yrP5xz Quote: “These are not revolts, these are conspiracies” #arab Spring
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  18. Here’s the ‘@Happy_Arab’, Rashad alDabbah, of Orange County & Jeddah, generously giving Arabic language Twitter account @AlBabwa a mention in his tweet of their English news version of the story. What a fascinating bio Rashad has: “Saudi-American of Palestinian & Armenian descent. I organize the community in @LittleArabia and beyond. Communications Director, Syrian American Council. http://happyarabnewsservice.blogspot.com “
  19. Report: Mauritania “expels” Qatari emir Sheikh Hamad | Al Bawaba bit.ly/xqLITH @Albawaba #Qatar #Mauritania
  20. Last word goes to Ahmed Alfi.
  21. How will this play out??? Report: Mauritania “expels” Qatari emir albawaba.com/news/report-m…