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#IranElection V-Protest – Solidarity with Political Prisoners – Evin Prison, Tehran

V-Protest in Solidarity with Political Prisoners in Iran. Gather outside Evin Prison, Tehran.

V-Protest at Camp 22 North Korea

An estimated 50,000 relatives of political dissidents are held in Camp 22. The North Korean government denies its existence.

Protesta Virtual por los presos políticos Venezolanos

Protesta Virtual – Plaza Altamira en Caracas por los presos políticos Venezolanos.

Virtual Protest – Japanese Embassy, Washington, DC

The lives of Iranian dissidents in Japan are at stake. Jamal Saberi was freed, what about the others?

Protesta Virtual por la libertad de Cuba

Protesta Virtual en la original Plaza Cívica (nombrada Plaza de la Revolución por Castro) por los DDHH, Damas de Blanco y Presos Políticos de Cuba.


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