News from Iran – Week 33 – 2012


News of the Prisoners

A- Transfers

  • Kurdish political prisoner sentenced to death Habib Afshari on dry hunger strike to protest Intelligence Ministry harassing his family; he is transferred to solitary.
  • Despite doctor’s orders, Mostafa Daneshjou, jailed Gonabadi dervishes’s lawyer was discharged from the hospital and transferred back to prison.
  • Ali Nejati, workers’ rights activist transferred to hospital.


B- Arrests/Incarcerations

  • Prominent poet and satirist Mohammad Reza Ali Payam (Haloo) arrested.
  • Azad and Habib Atmani were arrested last month in Salmas.
  • Dr. Yousef Bidardel Turkish language and literature professor, General Secretary of Azerbaijan civil society association arrested in Urmia after fund-raising efforts for earthquake victims
  • Pan-Iranist member Omid Dehdarzadeh was arrested in a raid of his home in Ahvaz.
  • Medical furlough was denied for political prisoner Abolfazl Ghadiani, he was returned to Evin from hospital.
  • Mousavi’s 2009 presidential campaign coordinator Mir Taher Mousavi returning from Turkey was arrested at Tehran Airport.
  • Labor activist Reza Shahabi is back in Evin prison after being hospitalized for needed treatment.
  • Furlough extension was denied for activist Hassan Assadi Zeidabadi, he is back in Evin.



Photo: Advar News

  • 130 people receive amnesty on occasion of Eid, 90 of them are imprisoned; list of prisoners freed for Eid clemency:
    • Mitra Aali
    • Amirali Aghayari
    • Mojtaba Ahmadi
    • Alireza Akhavan
    • Ashkan Alhayari
    • Ashraf Alikhani
    • Hadi Arab-Oladi
    • Naser Azarnia
    • Michael Azimi.
    • Reza Azizi.
    • Amir Bahmani.
    • Rahman Bouzari.
    • Ramin Chaooshi.
    • Abdolreza Dehghan.
    • Shahab Dehghani.
    • Sepehr Ebrahimi.
    • Sarang Etehadi.
    • Mehdi Farahani.
    • Masoum Fardis.
    • Moshtagh Forouharpak.
    • Ayoub Ghanbarpourian.
    • Erfan Ghaneifard.
    • Farshad Ghorbanpour Sheikhani.
    • Ali Goudarzi.
    • Abtin Jahanian.
    • Mohsen Javadi- Afzali.
    • Mehdi Karimian Eghbal.
    • Amir-Abdollah Kazemi.
    • Hamid-Reza Khadem.
    • Nazanin Khosravarani.
    • Alireza Kia.
    • Kourosh Koohkan.
    • Amir Latifi.
    • Amir Maghamifar.
    • Ali Malihi,.
    • Farzan Matini Asal.
    • Adel Mohammad-Hosseini.
    • Mozhgan Mohammadian.
    • Hamid Reza Moghadasi.
    • Ali Mola-Haji.
    • Reza Molavi.
    • Bizhan Moradi.
    • Hassan-Ali Mostafaei.
    • Pouria Naderi.
    • Ali, Behnam and Mazdak-Ali Nazeri.
    • Navid Nezhat.
    • Omid Norouzian.
    • Mohammad-Reza Poonki.
    • Mohsen Pourziaï.
    • Ahmad Rabiei.
    • Arash Rahaeimehr.
    • Javad Rastjoo.
    • Mehdi Rezaei.
    • Arash Riki.
    • Hossein Sabet.
    • Soroush Safaverdi.
    • Esmail Sahabi.
    • Ali Salem.
    • Sadaf Sabetian.
    • Mohammad-Esmail Sahabeh-Tabrizi.
    • Alireza Samiei.
    • Mohammad-Javad Shahpari.
    • Hesam Shahsavari.
    • Keyvan Shirazi.
    • Ebrahim Shokouhizadeh.
    • Ghasem Sholeh-Saadi.
    • Mohammad-Hossein Sohrabi-Rad
    • Hassan Tabrizi.
    • Mohammad-Reza Taghizadeh Kashani.
    • Amir-Ehsan Tehrani-Sakhavat.
    • Masoumeh Yavari.
    • Hamid-Reza Yazdiari.
    • Shamim Zeinolabedini
  • Blogger Javad Aboali was released from Behbahan prison after serving out his 1 year sentence.
  • Ahmad Reza Ahmadpour, cleric and member of the Islamic Iran Participation Front, has been granted a 2-week furlough from prison.
  • Kurdish political prisoner Hadi Amini released at the end of his prison sentence.
  • Gonabadi dervish, Abdolghafour Ghalandarinejad, one of the collaborators of Majzooban Noor website resident in Bandar Abbas, was released after 6 days in detention.
  • Student activist Ali Jamali, Head of the political unit of the Office for Consolidating Unity was released after serving out his 2 1/2 years sentence.
  • Zahra Khodabakhsh, daughter of Bozorg Ali Khodabakhsh, sentenced to 1 year in prison, has been released after 70 days in detention.
  • Student activist Kaveh Rezaei who is serving 18-month sentence released on 20 million toman bail.
  • After 20 months in prison, Pan-Iranist member Shahin Zeinali has been released on bail on a 3 day furlough.

News of injustice in Iran

  • End of Ramadan clemency produces some sentence reductions:
  • Remaining sentence reduced by half:
    • Reza Ansari Rad
    • Kamran Ayazi
    • Mohammad Reza Golizadeh-Akhlaghi
    • Abdollah Jafari
    • Saeed Mahmoudi-Bagheri
    • Ali-Akbar Mohammadzadeh
    • Javad Toumari
  • Sentence reduced by 2 years:
    • Ahmad Karimi
    • Kazem Motamed
  • Omid Kharazmian remaining sentence reduced by 2/3 for Eid clemency
  • Political prisoners lashed in Evin 350 to serve their sentences:
    • Nazer Azarnia
    • Ebrahim Babaei Ziedi
    • Rahman Bouzari
    • Ashkan Elahiari
    • Siamak Ghaderi
    • Rasoul Herdani
    • Alireza Kia
    • Mehdi Koohkan
    • Amir Latifi
    • Houman Mousavi
    • Mazdak Ali Nazari
    • Majid Sadeghinezhad
    • Hossein Zarini
  • Reyaneh Ansari workers’ rights activist, sentenced to 1 year suspended.
  • Alireza Asgari, workers’ rights activist, sentenced to 1 year in prison.
  • Jalil Mohammadi, workers’ rights activist, sentenced to 1 year suspended.
  • Seyyed Hassan Taheri the son of Ayatollah Seyyed Jalal Taheri has been sentenced to 4 years in prison + 10 years exile to Zabol on charges of insulting the leader & public disturbance.
  • Teenager born 1993 who was 15-years-old when arrested and charged with murder, sentenced to death.

University – Culture

  • Physics teacher/post-graduate student Hamid Hadisi, a National-Religious activist, has been banned from teaching and expelled from University.
  • Universities close nursing to male applicants.


  • Workers at the Mazandaran textile plant staged a protest not having been paid for 26 months.
  • Protest of metalworkers in front of Ministry of Industry.

Economy in Iran

  • India insures Iranian crude tankers.
  • $ melli (1226 tomans) vs. $ bazar (2125 tomans) officially

Iran abroad

  • Iranian officers led Syrian regime militias in Homs: defected general.
  • Bahrain returns ambassador to Iran.
  • Ahmadinejad attends extraordinary OIC meeting on Syria in Saudi Arabia.
  • US Navy rescues 10 Iranian sailors, from a boat in the Sea of Oman.
  • Syrian rebels put captured Iranian drones on YouTube.

Politics in Iran

  • Reformists will not participate in Elections : Iran ministry officially bans two reformist parties from the elections.


  • Local residents of Shahran, Tehran protest against cutting of the forest park trees.


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  • A 6.3 earthquake stroke Eastern Azerbaijan on Saturday, mainly in Varzeghan district. Many aftershocks occurred: 40 on Sunday, 32 on Monday, 8 on Wednesday, 16 on Thursday, of up to 4.6.
  • Other minor earthquakes: one measuring 5 on Wednesday night in Tabriz.
  • In Khajeh district, 34 villages were severely damaged, 12 completely destroyed, 15 more than 50% destroyed and the rest destroyed between 20 and 50%.
  • 40 villages around Haris were destroyed as 70 to 100%.
  • Sattar Khan dam, between Varzeghan and Ahar, was cracked by the earthquake; in case of collapse, 20 villages will be under water. The bridge between Varzeghan and Ahar collapsed on Tuesday night during a 5.3 after stroke.
  • The authorities decide to stop searches as from Sunday afternoon.
  • Khamenei decided to visit victims in the area on Thursday.
  • The government initially refused any foreign help and even compelled Turkish aid workers arriving at the border to return home. On Wednesday the decided to accept foreign help.
  • The government promises $2000 gift and a $6000 loan with low interest per victim family.
  • The official figures are 306 dead and 3000 wounded; unofficial ones are over 1000 dead.
  • Dissidents declared Thursday a day of mourning for earthquakes victims.
  • Provisional damages are estimated around $650 million.
  • ‘Candle for earthquake victims’ memorial rally was attacked by police, 4 arrested.
  • Iran deploys Revolutionary Guards in quake-hit areas, cracks down on private aid groups.

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